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photo of THFD volunteer  firefighter participating in contest.

1. Organization

The brigade is under the jurisdiction of the National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior, and also under the supervision of Taichung Harbor Authority. The Brigade Headquarters consists of two offices and a center (Disaster Prevention Office, Disaster Control Office, Disaster Command Center), accounting and personnel assistant, and four fire stations: The South Pier station, First station, Windbreak station and the West Terminal station (See attachment 1 - The Organizational and Current Personnel Chart). The Brigade would be number 64 staffers if fully staffed, currently is budgeted for 34 persons and presently employing 34 members,2 support personnel ( technicians and custodial staff). The brigade is also assisted by members on National Service (Substitute Civilian Serviceman).



2. Area of Responsibility

The brigade is responsible for an area of 3793 hectares, form the northern sand levee, south to the levee at Long-Chang Road of Taiwan-Power Co., and Huan-Gang Road; east from Lin-Gang Road to the levee at Nan-Ti Road. The area can be divided into North Levee Area, South Levee Area and West Docks Area. The Windbreak station, South Pier station and West Terminal station are responsible for different areas (see attachment 2: Areas of Responsibility).