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Main Duties:

Photos of Taichung Harbour  Fire  Brigade crewmen taking  training on open sea

1. Fire Prevention Section

Aside from common fire prevention duties such as inspecting and certifying new buildings and fire safety inspections, the Brigade is also responsible for managing hazardous materials, fires investigation, maintaining it,s fire vehicles, purchasing, accounting and miscellaneous affairs. Currently there are 280 business buildings within our jurisdiction; however, as more businesses,such as Dragonsteel company,move into our zones of responsibility, the number of business building within our jurisdiction are continuing to rise.


2. Disaster Control Section

Aside from general disaster control duties, the brigade also performs special disaster control and recovery duties against typhoon damage, floods, earthquakes and chemical disaster. Fire water resource management, prevention of drowning, emergency medical service, disaster management, civilian resource applications, fire education and training are all essential duties that make damage control much easier.


3. Rescue Command Center

Our command center usually manages duty rosters, communication and information management, and maintenance of such gear. It also performs emergency incidents, and civilian assistance duties. In the event of a disaster, the center manages all command and control functions related to disaster management, as well as all communication to the outside.