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Photos of Taichung Harbor Fire Brigade volunteer firemen participating in contest.


1. Fire prevention


(1)Continue with fire safety inspections of structures and facilities in the harbor

The harbor’s docking areas are subdivided into general goods, warehousing, containers, windbreaker forest area, and a chemicals zone. The brigade is continuing with checks on fire safety equipment based on the conditions of the area and past records. The brigade also demand and advise businesses on improving and maintaining their own fire equipment as part of our public service, so as to increase fire prevention awareness and effects.

(2)Continue to Drive Public building Fire Equipment Maintenance Reporting System

In order to stress the importance of self-maintenance of fire safety equipment on business premises, and to ensure that all fire safety System at every opportunity, to ensure the safety of the harbor area and all personnel.

(3)Expanding Public Awareness on Fire Prevention

Cooperating with harbor businesses and other organizations, the Brigade utilizes occasions presented by every gathering or meeting to raise public awareness on fire prevention, so as to increase knowledge on fire prevention, escape procedures, and disaster management, to foster a sense off “unity” regarding safety.

(4)Continue with the Fire Prevention Management System

Based on the idea of having the businesses should secure their own properties, guide the businesses so that they will place a stronger emphasis on fire prevention, and requests the businesses to institute the “Fire Prevention Manager” system according to Fire law, to effectively decrease in incidence of fire.

(5)Strengthen Management on Hazardous Materials

Increases active patrolling and safety checks according to the demands of various special businesses, especially in the chemical docks area. Also requested strengthening of various storage tanks and asked for regular maintenance and reporting on hazardous storage spaces. Enforced to correct labeling of hazardous material haulers. Regularly performed chemical disaster drills in order to increase proficiency in managing such disasters and increase cooperation between businesses and the firefighters.

(6)Proficient in Investigation of Fires

Correct investigations could be used to prevent future fires as well as prevent arson. In order to increase the investigative quality, the fire investigation procedures and functions are improved, and further remedial planning is prepared.


2. Increase Disaster Control

(1)Drafting the Disaster Control Plan and Perform Disaster Control Drills

In order to increase the readiness of the harbor related disasters, plans are made beforehand and drills are performed. We believe only through actual realistic drills that emergency’s readiness can be increased, the civilian awareness also increased, and disaster damage will be minimized.

(2)Strength Chemical Disaster Control Capability of the Brigade

Chemical usage in contemporary society is increasingly common but the chemicals are becoming increasingly complex. Our West Docks area is the designated chemical storage and docking area, and any lack of caution may cause fires, explosions or spills, greatly threatening the businesses, their personnel, and the firefighters. In order to decrease damage from chemical disasters, the Brigade needs to increase its capacities of chemical Control equipment, so as to be able to successfully deal with future hazard incident.

(3)Enhance Fire Water Sources for Firefighting

Survey and mark all usable natural sources of water in the harbor area, and proactively engage relevant authorities so that firefighting needs will be taken into consideration when roads and water mains are laid.


3. Reinforce Firefighting Equipment

(1)Increase Internet Resources of fire service

In order to improve the efficiency of general duties and paperwork, PCs have been purchased, and Internet links have been established between offices. The increase in efficiency after such moves is evident. In order to develop along with the harbor, the Brigade is moving towards office automation, in order to further improve fire service efficiency.

(2)Increase Firefighting Equipment

Taichung harbor is planning to become an international harbor with over 83 docks, while the west dock area is the designated chemical area, with 219 chemical storage vats and over 133 different types of chemical. Any disaster could reach catastrophic proportions. In order to control and manage any disaster, further purchases in damage control and chemical equipment are necessary. In addition to purchasing such equipment from our regular budget, we shall strive to have special budgets used exclusively for purchasing such equipments.


4. Enhance Education and Training

We strive to increase the training of firefighting personnel, individually, or jointly, in order to increase the physique, skill, courage and professionalism of our personnel. We’ll also strive to provide psychological counseling work to firefighting personnel, in order to increase morale and achieve a quality comparable to firefighters in advanced countries.


5. Enlarge Civilian Cooperation

With continue development in the harbor area, fire safety will become a vital part of the harbor development program. Thus, a civilian volunteer firefighter force has been setup in 2003, numbering 1 brigade, with four stations, totaling 92 members; we believe the overall firefighting quality can be effectively increased with assistance from civilian quarters.


6. Increase Public Services

“Service to the People, Work for the People” is the motto that best sums up our attitude towards public service. Our responsibility is the needs and hopes of the people, thus we strive to serve in more varied ways, improving our organization, striving for standardization and friendliness with the public, increasing innovation and active services, and working to meet the needs of the people and society. We believe only with an increase in service quality and friendliness so that we provide the best services to the people. We shall continue to serve with the needs of the people in mind, to continually improve ourselves and protect the public.


7. Increase Emergency Medical Service

All team members have achieved EMT2 certification, and we also established the “Phoenix Emergency medical Volunteers”, with 22 members. Not only do we continue to increase medical knowledge of our service personal, we also train personnel of the harbor, and provide training to the general public, so as to increase the quality of emergency medical service in the harbor areas.


8. Seeking Expansion aggressively for firefighter Capacity

Currently the brigade possesses the following vehicles: two water tankers, one ladder truck, six chemical vehicles, two large volume water tankers, three general equipment vehicle(2 are small type), four ambulances, one command vehicle, one logistics vehicle and communication vehicle, three life rafts, two water scooters and one chemical disaster control vehicle. According to the “Firefighting Equipment and Personnel Standards of Municipalities and Counties” and the “Medical Equipment and Personnel Standards of Firefighters in Municipalities and Counties”, with our current inventory of equipment, we should be staffed with at least 64 active firefighters. However, current firefighting staff members only 34, including headquarters and all firefighters. This is a serious deficiency. In order to maintain harbor safety, an increase in the number of fire personnel is also a main focus of our work.