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Q: How often should I test my smoke alarms?

A: Monthly is recommended.


Q: Where is the best place to install a smoke detector?

A: Please contact the fire department for further information on installing smoke detectors. Due to the design of many homes a full evaluation should determine the best location for smoke detectors within your place


Q: How much will it cost if I call the Fire Department and they send a fire truck?

A: We are confident to say that there is no cost to citizens or factories who live inside the Taichung harbor when calling for a fire truck; this includes governmental and commercial , smoke alarms, fire alarms, and carbon-monoxide detector alarms.


Q:? How much will it cost if I call for an ambulance?

A: We are confident to say that there is no cost to citizens or factories who live inside the Taichung harbor when calling for a ambulance.


Q: Why do the Fire Department cut holes in the roof and tear out the walls?

A: The objectives and the goals of the Fire Department are to save lives and property. There are seldom any questions from the public regarding our efforts in the category of rescue, but when it comes to saving property there are always procedures and practices, which are misunderstood by the public. Why do fire fighters break our windows and cut holes in the roof they ask.
One of the keys to successfully extinguishing a fire inside a building is to ventilate. The reality is that fire fighters enter smoked filled structures virtually blind and highly vulnerable to high temperatures, which can soar past 1000 degrees at the ceiling. Even with all our protective gear on and our air packs, fire fighters cannot survive long when exposed to such extreme temperatures. Therefore it is imperative that the worse of the smoke and heat be removed in order for fire fighting operations to be done properly.
The procedure also forces hot smoke and gasses out of the building in a hurry and is much more effective than traditional ventilation methods.


Q: Office hours of the Taichung Harbor Fire Brigade?

A: Monday through Friday 08:00~12:00;13:00~17:00

Rescue and EMS Services: always open.


Q: What is the correct way to use a fire extinguisher?

A:It's easy to remember how to use a fire extinguisher if you can remember the acronym PASS, which stands for Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep.
Pull the pin.This will allow you to discharge the extinguisher.


Aim at the base of the fire. 

If you aim at the flames (which is frequently the temptation), the extinguishing agent will fly right through and do no good. You want to hit the fuel.
Squeeze the top handle or lever. 

This depresses a button that releases the pressurized extinguishing agent in the extinguisher.
Sweep from side to side 

until the fire is completely out. Start using the extinguisher from a safe distance away, then move forward. Once the fire is out, keep an eye on the area in case it re-ignites.


Q: How can I apply for a Fire Disaster Certificate?

A:1.Please bring any information or supporting documents along with you and apply at the second?floor of Fire Department?(Disaster Prevention Section).

2.Fill in the application form (see in?website /Forms Download) and attach necessary information, then mail or fax it to the Disaster Prevention?Section. (Note: Attached information including seal, front and rear copy of ID Card, and any document that is sufficient to prove that the building or the objects are belong to the applicant) .It takes 3days to complete your application and it is free of charge.